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Tue Jul 2 15:56:16 UTC 2019


Vacationing in Canada a few years ago, went to a glacier completely free of crevasses, thought how fun it would be if a bunch of yahoos were to race bicycles down that big snowfield.


Think about it: the sport wouldn’t cost much, there would be a big element of luck involved, so it isn’t completely dominated by the best riders (as motorcycle racing already is) and with all the proper pads and helmets, the risk isn’t even all that terribly high.


Now imagine running that race on a nice sunny summer day so the course gets a sheen of water on top, so it is slippery as all hell, and gets more so as the riders descend.  What a hoot that would be!


Check it out.  It’s hard to watch without laughing at the crazy fools who would even try such a stunt:







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