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John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 22:37:00 UTC 2019

For security reasons some people including Trump are unhappy with a foreign
company like Huawei creating the backbone of future 5G communication
technology. This concern is legitimate partly because a totalitarian
country like China could deliberately put a backdoor into Huawei's
equipment and partly because the company has a reputation of not placing as
much effort into computer security as they should.  However we have no
choice because no American company makes devices that can transmit ultra
fast 5G wireless signals. And there is a reason the USA is a no show.

China's Huawei dominates the 5G inter-structure market that is likely to be
worth a trillion dollars in a few years. The Swedish company Ericsson is a
distant #2 , and the Finnish company Nokia is #3. The USA as I said isn't
even in the race and the reason it didn't show up on race day is because of
a decision made by the Trump administration that would make the USA's 5G
network the slowest, most expensive and least available 5G network in the

International agreements say 5G can be transmitted in 2 bands, a low band
the runs from 600 MHZ to 6 GHZ, and a high band that runs from 24 GHZ  to
86 GHZ. The low band is *MUCH *better. Google did a study and found that if
they had 72,735 cell towers and used the low band they could give 57.4% of
the population of the USA  100 megabits a second coverage and 21.2% 1
gigabit a second coverage. But if they used the high band those same 72,735
cell towers would only give 11.6% of the population 100 megabits a second
coverage and 3.9% 1 gigabit a second coverage, and thats assuming it's not
raining because when it does the speed drops to zero.

For this reason every country in the world except one is going the low band
path, but the USA can't do that and must go high band because the Trump
administration has reserved the low band for future military use.

John K Clark
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