[ExI] I see pitchforks.

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>…That being said, I question the premise entirely.  I don’t see that wealth disparity creates the kind of animosity you describe at all.  The wealth disparity I have seen is typically in places like Palo Alto, where everyone there is a multimillioneh, but they have serious heartburn with the local billioneh who wants to buy up several houses and create a fortress….spike




And then, it occurred to the old spikemeister what is really going on there: wealth is a renewable resource.  We can make as much of it as we want or need.  But land is not.  The Palo Alto billioneh who wants to buy up several houses and build a castle is using up a limited resource.  Irony piles upon paradox.  Across the freeway in the poor neighborhood, there is no resentment at all against the billioneh.  They cheer him on.  He isn’t taking anything away from them.  


The immediate neighbors of the billioneh benefit: their local streets have less traffic as 8 families are replaced by one really rich one.  Their property value even goes up (because it would be cool to live next to a 30-something multi-billioneh, and… his private security team would likely discourage bad guys from hanging around the neighbors’ houses too.


And yet… it offends their sense of propriety that someone could do that.  It doesn’t offend mine.







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