[ExI] I see pitchforks.

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Mon Jul 8 21:55:58 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 12:41 PM <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

> No worries, sell the jet to a foreign company, lease it back.  Now you
> don’t own that jet.  Or the yacht.

And the foreign company is within its rights to not lease them to you.

> >> *those average taxpayers who think they might be approaching
> non-average status would dump their wealth into gold, BitCoin, things which
> cannot be declared *
> >…If you ever plan to use the gold or Bitcoins to actually buy something
> then you'd better declare them or the IRS will put you in jail…
> I see, so spending one’s own money is illegal now?

Hiding money in undeclared alternate forms, so as to dodge income tax, sure
is.  Spending money that was thus hidden is how the IRS sometimes finds out.

> The IRS has the right to know what I own now?

It has the right to know what you obtained - that is, your income.

> As it turns out, it would be easy to defeat.  All you need to do is
> explain to the voters that the pitchfork people will come for the ultra
> rich first.  Once they are in prison and the government seizes their
> assets, what a surprise!  There is a new top 1%.  When they are gone, there
> is a new 1%!  When does your number come up, John?  Is it sooner?  Or is it
> later?

It comes up after they run out of prison space - which they are already
short on - so they can't do the cycle you postulate more than a few times,
if even once.  Most people would be confident enough that it would stop
long before it got to them.
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