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>>…  When they are gone, there is a new 1%!  When does your number come up, John?  Is it sooner?  Or is it later?


>…It comes up after they run out of prison space - which they are already short on - so they can't do the cycle you postulate more than a few times, if even once.  Most people would be confident enough that it would stop long before it got to them.




Prison space?  Once that process starts of giving government arbitrary power, any government, the whole prison thing is unnecessary.  All they need is a place to dump the ashes of those once-wealthy.


France did it in the late 1700s.  The Soviet Union went there in the early 1900s.  Germany did it in the 1940s.  China, 1960s.  I am hoping the USA learned something from their experience: any government given arbitrary power will eventually devour its own.  


If we give away our constitution, you and I won’t be the first ones in that furnace.  But we will be there eventually.



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