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>>>…The US could establish a health care system like the one every other advanced country on the planet already has … John K Clark


>> John I choose to take my chances with the pitchfork gang. 


>…Why? Because the idea of having a healthcare system that worked better and cost less than what we have now is just too horrible to contemplate? 


No, because the outfit that is promising all this is the same ones who promised us if we like our doctor we could keep our doctor period.  If we like our current plan we could keep our current plan period.  Neither of those notions held true period.  Now we don’t trust them period.  Now we want the law business out of the medical business period.


John it was mostly a failure.  Healthcare costs didn’t go down, they went up, dramatically.  I know what I used to pay and I know what I pay now.  Government involvement made the problem worse not better.


Another reason to eschew federal government involvement in health care: they are broke.  Eventually all that borrowing will do to the federal government what it does to a family which borrows just to meet basic needs.  Then anything we used to depend on the Federal government to do comes to an end.  Their entire budget will be bare-bones military and paying interest on what we are borrowing now.  


>> …We have them waaaay the hell outgunned.  The army, the state militias, the armed citizenry are all on our side, 


>…Sounds to me like you agree with my thesis, there will be blood in the streets.


I doubt it.  The battle lines would be drawn, the gardening club would see what they are up against, they would just say forget it, let’s think of a new plan.  Americans are too well-armed to attack them.  


Then many of them will realize the local billioneh isn’t the enemy at all.  Overpopulation is the real enemy, and the rich people didn’t do that, the poor did.


>> Why not put down the gardening tools and take up software development?  


>…Because turning millions of unemployed coal miners, truck drivers, cab drivers, Uber drivers, and bus drivers into software entrepreneurs in the next 5 years just isn't realistic.  John K Clark


I will certainly agree we need a viable lowest rung on the economic ladder.  There are some places where such a thing hasn’t existed for a long time: there is no available housing that can be afforded by low-skill workers.





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