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> OK, so tell me - history was my worst subject and I have not studied any since way long ago, unless it was about science or music:  just when were pitchforks employed?  Prior to capitalism.  Serf rebellions?  Did they happen?  Did they have any effect?  Leave out the FRench Revolution.  Even if you can cite some examples, I'd still say that our era is unique and you can't predict anything accurately from history.  From my pitiful knowledge of history, it seems that dealing with problems in a culture was always very late in coming, like Viet Nam protests.
> I do think this:  that if benefits were ever given to the people, it was nearly impossible to stop them -that's what would bring out the pitchforks.  
> bill w  

Sounds like a question for Quora.... My guess is peasants mostly didn’t have access to regular weapons or the training to use them, so using farm implements like pitchforks was the usual prop for a revolt. (I’m guessing this partly on reading about the history of Okinawa. That might be a fanciful history though. Not much of a scholar on this.) 


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