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I haven’t read the article, but do you believe that “No-limit Texas Hold Em is the most complex and popular form of poker...”? Maybe the “and” is important here, though I get the feeling that it’s not being taken that way. For my money, I believe No-limit Texas Hold Em isn’t the most complex form of poker, and I don’t mean that in a trivial manner — as in I can take No-limit Texas Hold Em and bolt on ever more arbitrary rules — deuces wild, the blind falls randomly, etc. (Of course, even standard rules are arbitrary.) I would think a game like Omaha/8 is a popular poker game that’s much more complex than Texas Hold Em.


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> On Jul 16, 2019, at 2:08 PM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:
> No-limit Texas Hold Em is the most complex and popular form of poker and 2 years ago a AI was reported that could beat the best human player at it, but in last Thursday's issue of the journal Science there was a development that was new for 3 reasons:
> 1) Previously the AI could win only at one on one play but this new program (called Pluribus) could play at a superhuman level against multiple human expert players and win, and that is much more difficult than one on one play.
> 2) The program started out knowing almost nothing about Poker but taught itself to play at a superhuman level in 8 days and did it without human help.
> 3) Unlike previous programs this one does not require massive computing power for the training or for the actual play, it can all be done on a normal home PC.
> It's stuff like this that makes me think my previous no compromise libertarian philosophy just isn't tenable anymore when dealing with economic issues.
> Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker 
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