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*#1 - the destruction of the library by fire is WAYYY overstated. *

Numerous books by Archimedes, the greatest mathematician and scientist of
antiquity, burned and lost forever, but no big deal. Of the 10,000 lines of
Sappho’s Poems only 70 survived but no big deal. We will never see the play
Achilleis by Aeschylus, the father of Greek tragedy, but no big deal.
Thousands of other books that we will never know anything about also went
into the flames but no big deal. It baffles me why so many otherwise
civilized people insist on making excuses for the actions of barbarians.

*#2 - I somehow doubt that learning “fascinating things” is more important
> than people’s health and safety,*

Why did you feel the need to put quotation marks around that, do you think
it's not fascinating, do you find the recent astronomical discoveries to be
of no interest? And with the exception of central Antartica there is no
place on the surface of the Earth where you could make a large construction
with less environmental impact than on top of that mountain. And even the
protestors don't claim the telescopes will harm people's health and safety,
they claim it will harm the health and safety of the imbecilic Gods that
are suposed to live there. You would think Gods could take care of
themselves and would not need the help of human protestors. but apparently

 John K Clark
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