[ExI] spike and chess

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu May 16 18:43:18 UTC 2019

chess programs got to where they were just as creative, imaginative,
artistic and all that as the best humans, in fact… better.  So… apparently
chess doesn’t require intelligence. spike
This is preposterous - Why can't what the chess computer is doing be
intelligent?  Because you define that what it is doing not intelligence.
It seems really out of step when you consider that chess geniuses are
generally pretty high IQ people to start with.  I think you just don't want
to call it intelligent and are wiggling around out of calling it that.  For
my money, creative, inventive, excellent recall all point to superior

Here's an idea:  restrict the chess computer to the memory level of a great
chess player - even the field.  Recalling millions of games is an unfair
advantage, it seems to me.
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