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> I assume this ability got smothered by several things:  first, the parents
> don't put out  a balanced diet for them to choose from.  Second, learned
> likes and dislikes overwhelmed that ability to choose properly.  So by the
> time they were much older the innate/instinctual (?) abilities to eat
> balanced diets were lost or outvoted.
### Processed foods contain palatants (additives designed to increase
palatability without being themselves nutritious) which interfere with our
ability to select the most appropriate nutrition sources. Putting processed
foods in front of a child is asking for metabolic trouble.

I think I may have mentioned "The Dorito Effect" by Mark Schatzker on this
list some time. This book explains some of the mechanisms why processed
foods are dangerous if eaten too frequently. It's a popular but thorough
analysis of the issue, without much of an ideological bent and with a lot
of good scientific explanations.
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