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>…If the rape charges made against him are true then he should go to jail for that however I have no idea if they are true.


John K Clark



John, the rape charges are true but Swedish.  True but Swedish means he committed Swedish rape (deceptive… eh… courtship, in the form of telling his partner he was going to use a condom, but didn’t.)  England held him for skipping bail on a charge of rape in Sweden.  But Swedish rape is not a crime in England (as far as I know) and skipping bail in England is seldom prosecuted, particularly when the crime on which he was being held isn’t illegal.


So… the US wants him extradited here to face charges of… what?  Treason?  Against Australia?  Sooo… why does the US want to bring him here?  Not to face charges of skipping bail in England over Swedish rape, when Sweden has long since dropped the original charges.  Not to face charges for publishing the contents of the DNC server, since none of that is classified information.  Not really even to face charges for publishing actual classified information, since he didn’t actually steal that, and the person who did has already been released.


So the US is requesting extradition from relative safety based on skipping bail in a foreign country with regard to a crime unique to a third country (but which is not specifically illegal here) to face charges of treason (which does not even apply to a foreign national) in a nation where a former Secretary of State and possible future presidential candidate has threatened to murder him in the presence of plenty of witnesses.


Sheesh is this a weird case or what?





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