[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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> That science is an "elite white pursuit" is a feeble lie concocted by
> the social justice crowd to divorce themselves from intellectualism
> and excuse their willful ignorance.

### I am here with you! But when I wrote that pure science is an elite
pursuit I meant it in a different way than an SJW would. For SJWs "elite"
and "white" are terms of opprobrium. For me "elite" is usually and in many
ways good, insofar as elites of one or another sort are superior to
non-elites. An elite pursuit is something that the best people do, like
"elite athletics". And of course, since I am not an SJW, "white" for me is
neither bad nor good, it is just a fact.

 Science *should* be a common concern, it should not be seen as the domain
of indifferent eggheads and inscrutable hierarchies but unfortunately many
enemies of science, like the SJWs you mentioned, see the rigor of science
as an obstacle in their bid for power. In that respect, the Hawaiian
rioters are identical to SJWs - the telescope is a casualty in a war they


> If this never-ending all-against-all battle-for-everything is our
> common genetic destiny, then the least we can do is recognize that we
> are all in this savage and beautiful game together and exercise good
> sportsmanship by acknowledging that the losers contribute as much to
> the game as the winners.

### It takes two sides to have a game. If the umpire says they lost but
they still go up a mountain and harass the winners, they are no sportsmen,
and they should not be treated as such. What we see there is not a game,
it's a dirty fight.


> Absolute individualism is something of a libertarian fantasy is it
> not?

### Did I write something implying I advocate "absolute individualism"?

>  Nice neighborhoods get ruined by
> > the wrong neighbors. -------------------
> Well I am sure the native Hawaiians and other Native American tribes
> would certainly agree with you. It is a good thing that they can't
> deport us.

### Deportation was not a Native American or Hawaiian custom. They
preferred mass slaughter of vanquished enemies. Their "neighborhood" didn't
become nice until the last couple of hundred years.

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