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>> From the law you quote it seems to me that 'access to the site' does not
> include sole possession of it or ability to determine the use of it.  Just
> access.  bill w
> > Are they allowed unfettered access to the insides of the observatories,
> and the surrounding land?

Not only do the native Hawaiians have unfettered access everybody does,
they give public tours of the observatory, or rather they did before the
barbarian attack. The astronomers need courage to visit their observatory
now and I doubt their insurance would allow public tours anymore because of
potential liability claims.

By the way, protesting telescopes has now become fashionable and apparently
looks like fun to a lot of people. In La Palma on the Canary Islands (the
distant second best observing site in the northern hemisphere) for the
first time protesters have appeared and they are determined to stop any
telescope being built on their mountain too. And so the ignorance plague

John K Clark
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