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Spike, you mentioned that your Indian and probably other Asian students had no idea of what went on in the South re slavery…


They know what went on, but they know nothing of the culture.  They don’t get it, they really don’t.  They may have heard their grandparents talk about the days when India was an English colony and how poorly the English treated the Indians (waaaay the hell worse than Americans treated their “Indians.”)  The Mockingbird book isn’t really about slavery by rather southern culture in the 1930s.






>…Well, I have to tell you:  we don't know about it either.  The history books taight in public schools could be searched and I'll bet you cannot find a mention of lynching etc.   A case of the losers getting to write the history...


Ja.  What we are seeing here is rebellious dark-skinned Indian with a dot students shamelessly identifying as black and equating that with African American.  As it turns out, I know the family of the student who was stomping on the hot-button, and they were (from what I can tell) never poor, never repressed, always upper class Indian.  We don’t really know how to handle it when Sukad Ramanujan is doing the n-word rap songs.  White people already know that is a no-go zone.  But Indians are free to identify as black now, because we have an example of a VP who did it and used it to advance her career.  Indian is the new black.  India is in Asia.  Therefor Asian is now black.  China is in Asia.  Japan is in Asia.


>…Most people here do not think that the cause of the war had anything to do with slavery  - states' rights, they say.  Repel Northern aggression.  Just another case of believing what you want to believe.

bill w


Do let me assure you, that concept is very clear to me.  Of course I come from a Yankee family.  My great^4 grandfather became a representative to the newly-formed statehouse in West Virginia after the war because he was an anti-slavery crusader for two decades before the war.  He went on to be a senator in the state government.  That attitude has been passed down for generations.  spike





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