[ExI] Autonomous Ravn X Drone to Launch Satellites From Airport Runways / Technology Co-ops for the everyman

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 08:50:07 UTC 2020

"Huntsville Alabama’s Lowe Mill arts and entertainment center offers
studios to artists of all kinds—sculptors, bookbinders, woodworkers. It’s
the kind of place where, in more normal times, visitors might wander open
studios and take ceramics classes.

It’s also, evidently, the kind of place where one designs autonomous drones
to launch rockets.

Lowe Mill, you see, is owned by angel investor, Jim Hudson, and the
headquarters of one of Hudson’s investments
occupies 7,000 square feet at the former textile mill. The startup, Aevum,
just unveiled the product of years of work—a sleek rocket-launching
aircraft called Ravn X."
This is an amazing story both in terms of this gigantic drone and what it
does, and also because of the wonderful Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment
Center, from which it sprouted...

Is there an equally good center of creativity in California? In Phoenix, I
liked to hang out at my local "Heatsync Labs," which was small but had a
ton of cool equipment crammed into a small space, along with lots of
awesome people there. In the Philippines, they do have technology co-ops,
to my surprise, despite the poverty.


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