[ExI] I caught the covid

Dan TheBookMan danust2012 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 04:49:22 UTC 2020

Hoping you get well soon.

Everyone else: please be extra careful. 



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> Friends,
> I was surprised to learn yesterday while at work that I’m positive for covid-19. This could put a damper in my life extension plans  :-/  
> I had worked only a partial day the prior day which was Monday due to recovering from what I thought was a cold that had me in bed most of Saturday and Sunday. From what I can figure out, I likely caught it Tuesday and became symptomatic on Thursday. I didn’t feel great but was able to telework Friday while taking long breaks to lie down. 
> I have to screen my many direct reports daily for covid at work and am thus familiar with the symptoms. I didn’t think I had it because I never had a fever, never had loss of smell, and never had gastrointestinal symptoms. 
> If my timing is right, even 9 days after catching it, I still have fatigue, headaches, congestion, and body aches. A sore throat ended over the weekend. My partner who has it too is experiencing a sore throat, congestion, and aches. No fevers for her either. 
> I’m taking extra vitamin D and NAIDs. I just read about fenofibrate being potentially helpful today  https://h5.newsbreakapp.com/mp/0Y5mrPI7 I’d love to avoid some lung damage. I welcome any other suggestions for damage control. I feel like I’m getting better. But I’m definitely still sick. I’m grateful I don’t seem to have too severe a case or complications... yet. I do have risk factors for complications. I’m not in the clear yet. 
> My two sons don’t have their test results back. They stay at their mother’s part of the time too. I think one of them has it. Depending on those results, it may be an even more isolated xmas now for me. Damn covid! 
> -Henry
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