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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 05:26:09 UTC 2020

My younger brother (in his early forties) got Covid, and was sick as a dog
for a week, but is much better now. His young sons never got it. But he
complains of occasional brain fog, which is scary and will hopefully fade
soon. A good friend of mine has an aunt (late sixties) who is in the
hospital with it, and struggling. At the state owned retirement home where
my mother lives in Alaska, the facility is in a very smart lockdown. They
are not taking chances with the lives of the seniors who live there. Food
is dropped off at the doors of the residents. There will be no Christmas
party, but frequent visitors speak through the doors to bring holiday
cheer. My Filipina significant other and her employer take the pandemic
seriously, and she looks ready for surgery when she goes out the door. She
is afraid of getting me infected, since I am about a decade older than her.
But when we went shopping the other day, I noticed about twenty percent of
the people when outside, using their face mask as a chin diaper.


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> Hoping you get well soon.
> Everyone else: please be extra careful.
> Regards,
> Dan
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> Friends,
> I was surprised to learn yesterday while at work that I’m positive for
> covid-19. This could put a damper in my life extension plans  :-/
> I had worked only a partial day the prior day which was Monday due to
> recovering from what I thought was a cold that had me in bed most of
> Saturday and Sunday. From what I can figure out, I likely caught it Tuesday
> and became symptomatic on Thursday. I didn’t feel great but was able to
> telework Friday while taking long breaks to lie down.
> I have to screen my many direct reports daily for covid at work and am
> thus familiar with the symptoms. I didn’t think I had it because I never
> had a fever, never had loss of smell, and never had gastrointestinal
> symptoms.
> If my timing is right, even 9 days after catching it, I still have
> fatigue, headaches, congestion, and body aches. A sore throat ended over
> the weekend. My partner who has it too is experiencing a sore throat,
> congestion, and aches. No fevers for her either.
> I’m taking extra vitamin D and NAIDs. I just read about fenofibrate being
> potentially helpful today  https://h5.newsbreakapp.com/mp/0Y5mrPI7
> <https://h5.newsbreakapp.com/mp/0Y5mrPI7>I’d love to avoid some lung
> damage. I welcome any other suggestions for damage control. I feel like I’m
> getting better. But I’m definitely still sick. I’m grateful I don’t seem to
> have too severe a case or complications... yet. I do have risk factors for
> complications. I’m not in the clear yet.
> My two sons don’t have their test results back. They stay at their
> mother’s part of the time too. I think one of them has it. Depending on
> those results, it may be an even more isolated xmas now for me. Damn covid!
> -Henry
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