[ExI] I caught the covid

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I agree with Rafael, masks chief effect (unless real gasmasks style stuff)
is as a Taboo. You have the mask, you wash your hands and like a dog with
muzzle, people look at you and keep away. Whee! Infections reduced, unless
you are a Tool, chindiaper-position and are immortal because of you magic
chin diaper...

Exception is ie working with infected patients that choughs right at you
and spread mucus and stuff around. Then a proper mask (real airtight ones
with real filter capabilities) face-screen and lots of alcohol prevent
infection. We have had zero patient to personnel infections.( When the
patient is a know carrier)
The personnel infections occur in the rest room in non-covid units or from
unidentified covid patients. Now all patients are to be treated as
infectious and personnel to personnel infections are the chief pathway
inside at least our hospital.


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