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>…I agree with Rafael, masks chief effect (unless real gasmasks style stuff) is as a Taboo. You have the mask, you wash your hands and like a dog with muzzle, people look at you and keep away. Whee! Infections reduced, unless you are a Tool, chindiaper-position and are immortal because of you magic chin diaper...







Hi Henrik,


Some buck the rules because they don’t believe masks are effective, at least in some settings.  Masks indoors are required by whoever owns the building.  OK, their building, their rules, I wear it.  


No one owns the outdoors.  I have found that if I don’t wear a mask outdoors, people give me more space, which reduces the risk of infection for both.  There is nothing magic about 6 ft or 2 meters.  One might think the risk drops off as the square of the distance, approximately.  My refusal to wear a mask outdoors has nothing to do with following rules or anything having to do with challenging authority (there isn’t any authority in that case.)  My refusal to wear a mask outdoors is purely as a safety precaution.




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