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I think for something to be propaganda there has to be attempts to
persuade.  All I saw on the video was descriptions of the various positions.
bill w

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> > Sometimes you just have to expose yourself to the other sides.  I have
> been remiss about that.
> > What are they saying and how do we counter that?   bill w
> I have been exposed to enough PragerU for now. Years ago, I ran into
> their stuff. No need to dig deeper. It's fairly obvious where they
> stand and one needn't waste one's time on every piece of propaganda
> out there. It's fine if you want to go there, but know that I'm not
> speaking from ignorance. Overall, I've heard the conservative and RW
> points of view with regard to race and the evils of the Left so
> much... They're fairly hard to avoid, especially in libertarian
> circles. (Same thing when someone mentioned Cass Sustein. By the time
> he was mentioned in an Extropian venue, I'd already heard about him
> for years literally.)
> Regards,
> Dan
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