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Well, Mr. Moulton, why don't you come right out and say what is wrong with
the video?  Details, not generalities.   bill w

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> On 12/28/20 6:25 AM, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> > I think for something to be propaganda there has to be attempts to
> > persuade.  All I saw on the video was descriptions of the
> various positions.
> > bill w
> One method to persuade is to make inaccurate or misleading statements
> which might tend to persuade people of some position. The video in
> questions contains inaccurate or misleading statements.  One could take
> the position that the inaccurate or misleading statements instead of
> being deliberate falsehoods are instead the result of the prageru.com
> team which being uninformed.  Of course this raises the question of
> whether this lack of basic knowledge is the result of cognitive problems
> or if it is the result of deliberately failing to do basic investigation
> and study.
> Whether it is sloppy scholarship or malicious propaganda the point
> remains that the prageru.com video does not stand up to serious scrutiny.
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