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> I got 60, 30, but I think it misrepresents my views.  All this big or
> small government stuff is bogus imo.  What we need is good government and
> good people.

What's your plan for that? The masses don't seem to be particularly adept
at selecting good people. What does "good government" mean to you, and how
would we get one?

The reason libertarians favor small government is that a government with
limited powers and resources can't do as much evil as those with vast
powers and resources. Any plan that requires selecting good people and
hoping they stay good is doomed, IMO.

Government is a normal result of congregation.  It's like a multicellular
> organism's nervous system.  But it should be good to the rest of the body.
> I am in favor of a world government formed of federated communes, bound by
> a global moral code.

I'm in favor of people governing themselves as much as possible.

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