[ExI] early indications of an unfriendly ai

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 18:51:24 UTC 2020

Ours must be a most puzzling world to non-hip older people who don't keep
up.  spike

 Oh well, I will tell this on myself:  I have two 13 year old girls who
mow, rake, plant roses and so on.  They want to take music lessons from me
but don't have the time.  So to get them started I thought I would loan
them some of my CDs. I asked them about their player but they said they
didn't have one. Aghast at the poverty of a family with young kids with no
CD player, and not knowing the state of the finances of the family, I
decided to call their mother and ask if it would be OK to buy them one,
perhaps a medium sized boom box.

She said that no, they didn't have one.  The girls have Ipods and Ipads and
access to Youtube and others, and could get virtually any music of any kind
for them, so what did I want them to listen to?
Duh.   bill w

p.s. - I have a great and wonderful stereo system costing many thousands of
dollars. I do wonder if the kids now listening to iPods with earbuds have
any knowledge of just how music can sound if you have true bass (15""
woofers) and very high fidelity (way, way past compressed MP3 files).
Since I have hearing aids in both ears I cannot find out what they are
hearing.  Probably the only time they get to hear good sound is in movie

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> Subject: Re: [ExI] early indications of an unfriendly ai
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> > ... The rogue AI just has to read your phone records...  BillK
> Ja, you are right, hadn't thoughta that.  Oh shit.
> >...Yeah... Heck, I've seen homeless people with smartphones.  Regards,
> Dan
> Well of course they do, Dan.  How else could they process donations?  I
> don't know how it is in Australia, but yanks don't carry cash anymore.  If
> they do, I wouldn't want to touch it.  We offer the homeless person alms or
> mercy, she whips out her phone: "Bless you kind sir, I accept Samsung Pay,
> Tabbed Out, Gyft, PayPal, TransferWise, Venmo, Google Wallet, physical
> precious metals and any prescription pain medication."
> Ours must be a most puzzling world to non-hip older people who don't keep
> up.
> spike
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