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> p.s. - I have a great and wonderful stereo system costing many thousands
> of dollars. I do wonder if the kids now listening to iPods with earbuds
> have any knowledge of just how music can sound if you have true bass (15""
> woofers) and very high fidelity (way, way past compressed MP3 files).
> Since I have hearing aids in both ears I cannot find out what they are
> hearing.  Probably the only time they get to hear good sound is in movie
> theaters.

A tragedy of the digital age.  I'm typing this now listening to high
fidelity audio with a decent DAC/headphone tube amp/over the ear
headphones, and enjoying every minute of it!   At least, we're still able
to make the choice.  I'm more concerned about the apparent near death of 4K
physical video media compared to what is allegedly 4K streaming.
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