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> >...I'm not sure how it is in Australia either. I'm still puzzled that 
> >you
> believe I'm in Australia. :)
> Oy vey, I don't know why I do crap like that.  My apologies.  If I 
> conflate you with my Australia contact again, do pardon please.

>...No worries. I just was wondering how that happened. :)

Conflation of discussion groups.  There is so much happening right now
everywhere, it is part of the reason why I stood down on moderating ExI and
I am not doing much over on Extropolis.  The LIGO data has lively
discussions going on everywhere, following covid data and struggling to
correlate it with mask-wearing and motorcycle rallies, that sorta thing (and
failing at every reasonable attempt to find anything correlating well with

At some point I need to focus down on what I really want to learn about.
Then on top of that, I have two kinda interesting community service projects
going on, one of which I mentioned here: connecting our school district
employees with people who have rental property, particularly that which is
close enough to walk to school.  The local authorities are giving blanket
permissions for people to build granny units in their back yards, which are
stand-alone housing units, but they aren't allowed to put driveways back
there, or meter any of the utilities separately.  So those become an
experiment in renting for fun and profit, while overcrowding nice suburban
neighborhoods.  So... I hope to fill those with single young teachers rather
than groups of five or more Tesla engineers from India.

Needless to say... my life is a bit hectic these days.

>...A couple of years I hiked to Silver Lake on a smoky day. Bad idea.
I'll never do that again. To add to it, not only was there smoke from
everywhere else, there was a smoldering pile of debris near the lake...
Regards,  Dan

Ja.  I bought my AC filters to make one of Adrian's homebrews, but never
assembled it.  I decided to hitch up and go tomorrow up into the mountains
camping.  Our friends from Angwin may join us down there while they hope
their house survives the Glass fire which is smoking up our air.  I fear it
will not be a fun weekend if they worry every minute they are breathing
their own house.

In any case... we leave after my son's second class is over tomorrow.  He
can do the rest of them using the mobile hot spot while we are on the road.

>...  Then instead of paying a fifth of the bill, it 
> would roll to see who pays the whole bill, and the other four pay nothing.

>...That'd be harsh. Don't know if I'd have played. :)

It was the times Dan.  Back in about 2000, companies were so desperate for
anyone who could put one line of code in front of another, they were
offering truly outrageous salaries for children right out of school.  They
had more money than they knew what to do with.  The young controls engineers
were telling each other: Guys, we are FOOLS for working in this place,
FOOLS!  This is STUPID, we need to get outta here and go somewhere where
they PAY.

Most of them left.  Anyone who could do controls engineering in those days
was worth a fortune.  I know they got several guys who really couldn't do
controls engineering but could talk a good game.  Heh.

Then it all crashed of course, but it was fun before that.


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