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> >...I'm not sure how it is in Australia either. I'm still puzzled that you
> believe I'm in Australia. :)
> Oy vey, I don't know why I do crap like that.  My apologies.  If I conflate
> you with my Australia contact again, do pardon please.

No worries. I just was wondering how that happened. :)

> If you meant Squire
> Creek Pass near Boulder River, oh boy I envy you.  That is some of the most
> beautiful country up that way, Mountain Loop Hwy where I have done
> motorcycles trips.

I've done many great hikes along Mountain Loop Highway. I'm glad the
smoke cleared out. Fresh and clear skies all day.

A couple of years I hiked to Silver Lake on a smoky day. Bad idea.
I'll never do that again. To add to it, not only was there smoke from
everywhere else, there was a smoldering pile of debris near the lake.
I was told they're normally bring in a crew to put it out, but
everyone was busy elsewhere and it wasn't high priority enough.

> I had plenty of warning.  I was with some hipsters back over 20 yrs ago.
> They demonstrated how to zip money to each other using the precursor to the
> smart phones, what were those things called?  A Newton?  Personal Digital
> Assistant?
> One guy had written an app which was a way to share a bill when several guys
> went to lunch together.  It was an electronic gaming die of sorts.  All
> parties, say there are 5, would spin a dial on the screen with the cursor,
> it would generate a number, the five devices would gather the numbers from
> each of the other four devices and each would do some kind of algorithm to
> calculate which of the five pays the bill for all.  Then instead of paying a
> fifth of the bill, it would roll to see who pays the whole bill, and the
> other four pay nothing.

That'd be harsh. Don't know if I'd have played. :)


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