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detached from civilisation and perhaps emphasise their separation.
Earlier explorers could take supplies and also live off the land…


>…I don't expect much from canned apes in space. We will need to transcend biology. …. or do we descend into madness in the vastness of space?  Mike




That descent into madness sounds like fun if we can do it safely and temporarily.


We have been a bit too gloomy doomy around here for my taste.  We should drive that notion of an ExI zhmooze, have a little fun.  I recognize the time zone presents a challenge to many here.  I don’t know what to do about that.  Depends on who expresses interest in it.  I am willing to get my butt outta bed early to attend.  BillK, if we get that happening early enough in the day, perhaps 2000 zulu, are ya in?  If we have people east of you, I can do earlier.







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