[ExI] humility

Bill Hibbard hibbard at wisc.edu
Sun Oct 18 14:24:19 UTC 2020

> I really like the Paradox of Humility.

The word "humility" can be used in different ways.
For example, on 19 Apr 2020 on this list I wrote:

> Like other old folks I look back on my life and regret mistakes
> I made, some of them real whoppers. But it occurs to me that if
> I had avoided those mistakes, my life may not have turned out any
> better.
> This gives me some humility about my social/political opinions.

This doesn't mean that I am humble. I am not. Here the word
"humility" just means that my life experience warns me that
my social/political opinions may be wrong and that I should
not regard people who disagree with me as evil. I think this
is a nonparadoxical use of the word.

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