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>> When you think about it, there isn’t really any other good way to do 

> it in the USA.  The federal government is not entitled to medical 

> records because of 4th amendment rights...


>...I don't know the answer to this, but is statistical stuff about disease and cause of death private? ...Regards,  Dan



Dan the situation is still evolving.  We don't really know.  I see locally we can get free tests, but what I don't know is if we are required to identify ourselves if we do.  I would think since the county is paying the bill, then the county is entitled to that information, for it is useful in contact tracing.


We hear from Belgium that nations statistics cannot be directly compared because they count them differently.  That notion is becoming ever more plausible, for I cannot begin to explain why the nations vary so widely from one to the next, if they have similar policies and similar populations.


In the US, in order to even start to make sense of it all, we need to first stop adding all the states together and treating it as one country.  I don't see Europe being all added together.  They shouldn't be: they test differently from each other, they identify cause of death differently.  We have over 50 somewhat independent laboratories here (ja I know people can cross state lines without being traced in any way (and they do (and we will keep it that way (could it be we don't trust the federal government?  (imagine that.)))))


In the US, we still have no universal standard for how many generations of PCR we use on the test kits.  We get kits from all over the planet (intentionally) and mix how they are used on an individual patient (again intentionally.)


In all this, there is one signal that is really coming thru: the chances of survival of covid have increased dramatically, which causes me to suspect more than one, possibly more than two strains are causing the same antibodies to be triggered in the immune system.  The most common strain now seems far less lethal than the spring variety.


Consider this data.  To me this suggests there are two different strains going around: 





Alternative: we just got a lot better at treating the disease.


If we look at Russia, their death rate tracks with their new case rate very closely.  Very puzzling.



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