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> >> When you think about it, there isn’t really any other good way to do
> > it in the USA.  The federal government is not entitled to medical
> > records because of 4th amendment rights...
> >...I don't know the answer to this, but is statistical stuff about
> disease and cause of death private? ...Regards,  Dan
> Dan the situation is still evolving.  We don't really know.  I see locally
> we can get free tests, but what I don't know is if we are required to
> identify ourselves if we do.  I would think since the county is paying the
> bill, then the county is entitled to that information, for it is useful in
> contact tracing.

I'm only asking about whether statistics on cases and deaths violate
privacy laws and rules. My guess is, again, they don't. That's all I was
interested in. I would think, since stats on cases (not just of COVID but
of being shot or stabbed, getting the flu, heart attacks and related deaths
from the same) are readily compiled that my view is correct here, but I
don't know for certain.

And my point is, I believe this information -- however questionable it
might be because of different methods and criteria at the local or state
level are being used -- doesn't violate 4th Amendment rights as currently
interpreted at the federal level. As in my parenthetical comment:
statistical data on other medical stuff is available -- even publicly
available. So, I think your comment about the 4th Amendment isn't germane.

As for other comments, yeah, there are different approaches to evaluating
incidents and collecting data, but that's not necessarily a 4th Amendment
or privacy issue.


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