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>...Comedy has never gotten better than Jeeves and Wooster.  ...spike

Dan we had a local ExI gathering a few years ago when Damien Broderick came to town.  You have never seen a table of geeks laugh harder than when Damien was trying to do an American accent.

Hugh Laurie (who played Wooster) later did a terrific medical detective series called House.  He played an American doctor.  For the role he had to put on an American accent.  He is a very talented guy and could do it almost without being detectable.  

I saw an interview where he and Steven Fry arranged to meet for dinner.  Laurie had just come from shooting a House episode.  He forgot to turn off the American accent.  Fry doesn't think highly of yanks.  He scolded his old friend: Come on Hugh, snap out of it man, etc.  

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