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>  > Football is huge down here, but my barber told me that many had quit
>  > the NFL entirely because of the kneeling during the National Anthem.
>  > Kind of throwing the baby out with the bath water.
> At least they didn't quit it for a silly reason,
> like the League's non-response to brain damage.

Or spousal abuse. Stuff like that doesn't seem to matter to the fans.
It's just anyone who question their cherished beliefs about the
nation. That makes them fume and foam at the mouth.

> The kneeling thing would be only a passing curiosity if Certain People
> hadn't flipped their lid going "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE WHOLE

Exactly! Beating wives and girlfriends doesn't matter at all to the so
called 'family values' crowd. But kneeling is the worst crime ever in
their eyes. I thought it was more than ridiculous because kneeling in
itself is, as I said in another post, not a form of disrespect. If
someone kneeled before you, would you think they meant to disrespect

> That
> might put me off flags, if I hadn't been anarchist since ~1983 anyway.

I stopped doing the pledge thing too. It's made friends of mine
uncomfortable when I've attended government meetings. But I have yet
to be canceled for it. Then again, this was long before the BLM
movement. (And I never kneeled. I just stayed seated.)

>> It didn't help that the
>> guy who popularized it was Black or some mixture.
> He should know his place, eh?

That's the message they sent him. In other words, shut up, don't
complain, and be happy things aren't worse. Which kind of sums up the
conservative nationalist view of the protesting -- save for when
they're the ones doing the complaining. Then we see the biggest
snowflakes in history on parade. :)


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