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> Imo some of the most racist people are up in the PNW.  There's some real
> heavy white separatist shit up there, don't they want to secede the whole
> PNW as an ethnostate?

There are also Christian nationalists who want to secede. They're also
centered in the Eastern part of the state. They're outside the box. I
don't know if they're heirs to an earlier secessionist movement by the
WAN from the 1980s. WAN wanted to grab part of the Midwest and
California too on their way out. Of course, nothing came of it.

There is one group in Eastern WA that wanted to secede from WA to
create a state called Liberty. They say they're for limited
government, but I don't have any direct contact with them. And they
are outside the box. My fear would be they're simply against the
Democrats and might, as I've noticed all too frequently,
libertarian-leaning folks quickly morph into authoritarians once they
get close to power.

> And then you have left wing anarchists up there too, famous WTO protests, etc.

Yes, there are. I would fancy myself a Left market anarchist, which I
think is the form libertarianism should take if it's consistent. But
there are many others around of various other stripes.

There's the Cascadia movement, which is more Left wing and does want
at least two states and one province of Canada to unite and form a
nation. I see many Cascadia -- or Doug -- flags around. And I've
talked to a few of them. Though I'm not against them or their
secession per se, I think saddling it with a secession of two US
states along with a Canadian province is like adding ever more
obstacles to an already quixotic project. (In a similar vein, I had a
tiny amount of contact with the Second Vermont Republic types and they
had ideas of an Acadian secession that would involve Canadian
provinces and several New England states -- along with an attempt at
autarkism, which would probably doom their new nation to economic
stagnation in the very unlikely event their secession were

> Idk it seems like one hell of a powder keg in that part of the country

Well, there have been clashes here and there, but there are more
fireworks in Portland, OR now. Even there, much exaggeration. All
these groups are tiny. Yes, anarchists in Seattle probably are fairly
large compared to the rest of the nation, but they're still a tiny
minority. As I pointed out, when CHAZ/CHOP was going on, and many
other protests here, if you weren't in the immediate area, you
wouldn't know about them -- unless you went online or watched the

Yet I had people online (every last one of them MAGA-heads) tell me
Seattle was a war zone and the whole town was going down the tubes.
They didn't believe me when I said not a single protest here directly
affected me and it was fairly easy to get around, go for a walk, get a
coffee, do shopping, etc. without running into anything
protest-related. In fact, the entire protest area of CHAZ/CHOP was a
small section of one neighborhood. (Ditto for Portland, where the
protest area was even smaller.)


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