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>>… I've noticed all too frequently, libertarian-leaning folks quickly morph into authoritarians once they
get close to power.  dan


>…And look what happens in S. America and elsewhere:  the communists overrun the government, nationalize industry, etc.  They get control of the military and turn into dictatorships.  Power is so very addictive.   bill w





No way Jose!


Well, hmmm…  Way, Jose.


We had three moderators for ExI back in the olden days, two quit in disgust with me because I steadfastly allowed everything.  So after that, I had absolute godlike POWER!  But did I ever abuse it?  NO!  NEVER!  


BillW and Dan, you are right on.  Power is not only addictive, it is corrosive to the soul.  I am the only unfettered dictator in history who steadfastly refused to be corrupted by sheer power.  I hold the world record in not corrupt.  The current ExI-mod must stay not corrupt for another 19 years to exceed my astonishing achievement in uncorruptitude.


Regarding South America: it is surprising that dictators keep playing the same tricks over and over.  I don’t understand why it keeps following the same pattern.



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