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>  I've noticed all too frequently, libertarian-leaning folks quickly morph into authoritarians once they
> get close to power.  dan
> And look what happens in S. America and elsewhere:  the communists overrun
> the government, nationalize industry, etc.  They get control of the military and
> turn into dictatorships.  Power is so very addictive.   bill w

The history of South America also includes many Right wing
dictatorships. In fact, that's most of the history of South America.
And quite often these dictatorships were helped into place by the US.
Think of Pinochet as one recent example, though US meddling in South
American politics -- including backing dictators -- goes way back
before him.

But which South American nations are you talking about? The only one
that comes close to what you mean is Venezuela. Maybe you meant Latin
America more broadly? In which case, there's just three nations where
self-identified Marxists -- by which I take it you mean 'communists'
-- took over: Cuba, Nicaragua, and Grenada. Of these, only Cuba has
lasted with a Marxist government in power. And in all three cases, the
Marxists deposed dictatorships -- even if they set up their own. Thus,
they weren't turning Western-style liberal polities into
dictatorships. They were simply replacing one style of authoritarian
rule with their own.


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