[ExI] New AI based writing aid

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 21:17:26 UTC 2020

Gmail on my

Chromebook already highlights typing mistakes, grammatical errors, and
makes suggestions about what to type next.  That means that since I often
do type those words, accepting its suggestions, my word usage and syntax
and so on are pretty common.  Are these things going to make archaic the
study of grammar?    bill w

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> >
> > I had to sign in with my Google account and reload the page.
> > Now when I highlight a sentence and click on any of the Wordtune buttons
> I get "Something went wrong".
> >
> > -Dave
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> It's working fine here. It rewrote your last sentence to--
> Now, when a sentence is selected and a Wordtune button is clicked, the
> response reads "Something went wrong".
> Maybe their server was temporarily overloaded.
> Or maybe you have some security software blocking the process.
> You could try close Chrome, reopen, go to gmail and try again?
> BillK
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