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> Joyce's actual normal writing is really good.  Ulysses starts to get too arcane
> and I agree with spike about Finnegan's Wake, I think it pretty much sucks.
> Interesting concept at the time but it's too much of a slog to be good.  And
> it makes you realize the writer is being kind of a dick to have to slog through
> so much to get to the meaning

Well, the first page or so of _A Portrait of the Artist as a Young
Man_ are also a bit experimental and I was afraid that was going to go
on for the rest of the novel. Thankfully, it doesn't. :)

I think Joyce was trying to push the limits of the novel with each
novel. (I'd argue that Beckett was trying to do the same, with a very
different approach, in his novels.) I don't believe he was joking in
the sense Spike meant. Do you?


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