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Everyone, please calm down! The virus is a global problem. All national leaders are in a dilemma; they must balance protecting the population while attempting to avoid shutting down business and causing a depression. Even XI. The way the Chinese system works means that the Chinese authorities had probably been covering the problem up from a much lower level than Xi. By the time the problem came to his attention he was faced with a damage limitation exercise.

So stop the USA politics now.


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>> I don't care if he's just in charge of the local dog pound, why would you consistently and vigorously defend
> 1) Spike was pointing out that there have been things beyond Trump's control. To point out that Trump is not responsible for every aspect of every evil in this world is not a vigorous defense. (In this case, Spike said that Trump is not responsible for making the coronavirus a pandemic in the first place, unlike Xi who could have stopped it entirely. This says nothing about how much worse Trump made it, only that Trump didn't start the situation, which is correct.)
> 2) We moved such politics chat off this list. Please do not even reply to this email. It doesn't matter if you disagree with the line above. Just drop this matter, now. If you reply to this email at all (unless you manage to only acknowledge without bringing further political content), I ask ExiMod to weigh in.
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