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>…Everyone, please calm down!  The virus is a global problem. All national leaders are in a dilemma; they must balance protecting the population while attempting to avoid shutting down business and causing a depression.  Even XI.  The way the Chinese system works means that the Chinese authorities had probably been covering the problem up from a much lower level than Xi. By the time the problem came to his attention he was faced with a damage limitation exercise.


>…So stop the USA politics now.








My apologies ExiMod.


We have data from US states which experimented with lockdowns.  California for instance switched off ours temporarily in July, then switched it back on before we really had enough time to see if it worked.  Florida switched off their shutdown a little over a month ago.


I propose using that data to the hilt, not to promote any political party or candidate or really even mention that for it is irrelevant as far as I can tell.  The data, what was done by what level of government, city, county, state, or nation, I would say is highly relevant and not political: I don’t care what party these governors belong to.  I don’t even know.  I assume it is one of our legacy parties (they all seem to be one of those two.)  


My apology is for blaming Xi, for I don’t really know if he could have stopped the virus from escaping.  Good chance it already had escaped before anyone even knew it was there.  I see no reason for invoking any politician or political system, but I do see reason for working this data every which way we can.  I acknowledge that I am quick to blame commies at every opportunity: I don’t cotton to them.  They appear to have way more authority than I am ever comfortable seeing humans hold.


Back to the data, my friends!  Let’s see if we can collectively extract a signal from this chaotic noise.



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