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> >  A list was created to talk politics and other controversial topics
>> on.   I see no downside to that.  If you do, what is it?  The list was
>> created with the idea in mind not to drive nonAmericans away from the list
>> by including all the politics stuff.  Great idea, I say.
> Should we create another list just to talk about classical music and its
> use in movies? Or do you feel that is an important and a inherently Extropian
> matter while deciding in 3 days who should have the nuclear launch codes to
> control the largest military on planet earth is not important or Extropian?

Fallacy: "Politics is always important, therefore it is always appropriate
to discuss in any tone on any and every discussion platform."

It is true that the selection of who will have access to the nuclear launch
codes is important.

But that does not make it appropriate to discuss everywhere.  Specifically,
it has been clearly stated that this list is not the place for it.

You have shown willful refusal to consider the reasons why.  Logically
discussing it with you has been impossible.

Since we can not explain it to you, because you refuse to consider the
reasons why, just accept that it is inappropriate to discuss here.

If you need to understand why, you could have that explanation after you
stop angrily dismissing every attempt to explain it to you.  Which...we're
not sure you will ever do, and you definitely need to clearly demonstrate.
You have been demonstrating the opposite, consistently.  So all you get for
right now is a statement that it is the case that it's not appropriate to
discuss here.
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