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> <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:> > Hi BillK, ja, that part I get, but I was perhaps reaching a bit too far hoping we were approaching herd immunity in the nursing homes.  I see no indication of it, not a trace.  Sigh.
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> > I am also looking for any kind of indication of benefit from being outside.  It isn't clear from this data.  Perhaps I am trying too hard to read that in there, because we can all go outside.
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> > BillK, are the Brits seeing similar numbers to this with regard to nursing homes?  Are they reporting it by that status?
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> > spike
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> I don't think you'll get much herd immunity in nursing homes.
> Herd immunity means people get infected and survive, in effect get vaccinated.
> In nursing homes, the survivors avoid getting infected in the first place.

Was thinking that too. Are there any reliable numbers of nursing home
residents surviving COVID-19? I mean residents who've actually gotten
it and survived? I didn't find that number quickly....

One can run into outlier problems too with such small groups, no?


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