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> Our county offers covid fatality data broken down by those who live(d) in nursing homes and those who did not.
> It looked for a while as if the homers would exceed the non-homers, but then they diverged.  Now they may be converging once again.
> If anyone here can look at this and extract some kind of signal or signal, even an arm-wavey descriptive one, do post please.
> In Santa Clara county, the nursing home population is about 5 percent of the total.  To me the signal is clear enough: if one is going to a nursing home for increased safety, don’t do it.  Take your chances with the risk of a fall at home, get one of those emergency beacon things that hangs around your neck, get Meals on Wheels, rather than being part of 5 percent of the population which accounts for nearly half the covid fatalities.
> I don’t know of other counties reporting this way, but if it works this way in Santa Clara I don’t see why it would be different elsewhere.

A problem I believe might be is how typical is Santa Clara county
overall? (That probably won't be known until this is over. Or has this
been treated this way in earlier outbreaks -- like SARS, MERS, or even
older flu pandemics?) Is it a good enough unit -- distinguishable
enough from nearby counties, too, to separate out its data for this
kind of treatment?

I'm only arm-waving here, but that's what you asked for. :)


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