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>... but if it works this way in Santa Clara I don’t see why it would be different elsewhere.

>...A problem I believe might be is how typical is Santa Clara county overall?

Well, hard to say, but Santa Clara county is mostly suburban and some urban.  It has about 2 million people, about half of whom live in San Jose, then includes the less-tightly-packed city of Santa Clara, the cities of Mountain View, Palo Alto, the rich bitches on the upper west side of the valley, some smaller contiguous suburban towns down along 101 which are agricultural, then some unpopulated county-owned and park areas up in the mountains.

It looks like the next county to the north which does not report by nursing home vs non-homer.  It is less tightly packed than Los Angeles county.

>...I'm only arm-waving here, but that's what you asked for. :)  Regards, Dan

Ja thanks, I don't know Dan.

I would think we could find another county somewhere reporting this way, homer vs not.  Unless I can find a reason to assume otherwise, I must suspect nearly about half of the covid fatalities nationwide and perhaps worldwide are in nursing homes.  I don't know that this insight leads to any viable remedial actions.



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