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>  At some point, the cost exceeds the value.  We are way past the breakeven
> point and are deep into net loss.
> spike
>  And how many lives have been saved?

### No net lives have been saved. People continue to get infected, lockdown
or not, until the vulnerable die and the survivors have herd immunity.
However, people die as a direct result of lockdown - from despair, loss of
access to medical care, substance abuse and indirectly - from the long-term
economic loss and lost opportunities for economic growth.


> No one is shutting down things to ruin the economy.  Impossible to
> measure, I'll grant you that.  But that has to be the other side of the
> equation.  People are still catching it and some are dying.  Keep that in
> mind.  How much damage to the economy is worth it to save a life?
> Theoretically.  Does anyone know what variables are being used to make
> these mask and shutdown decisions?  Who is measuring the effects?  Are they
> making decisions based on data? What data?  Does shutting down even work?
>  Somebody has to know these things so they can make recommendations.  I see
> none of the above in the news - just the actions to open up or close down.

### The idiots who instituted lockdowns sure didn't know what they were

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