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I am suffering from a severe case of confirmation bias.


I fear for poor Dr. Smigrodzki, who is surely feeling confirmation bias even
more than I am:




Unless I am reading this wrong (do educate me please) MIT concluded pretty
much the same thing I did over a year ago: lockdowns don't help because
people stay indoors where viruses spread best.  Outdoor masking is useless.
Indoors, social distancing is practically useless: viruses hang in the air a
long time indoors.


All this explains why the Sturgis bike rally was an apparent sub-spreader,
the bike rallies in Florida and the spring break parties didn't show up in
the noise: those events were mostly outdoors where viruses don't spread


It explains why the lockdowns don't seem to be helping.  It explains why
outdoor mask wearing is pointless.  It is all about air circulation.  It
took us over a year to figure out what was right in front of us the whole



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