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>… It’s like enforcing mask mandates which we’ve discussed before…


Hi Henry, ja.  There were never any mask laws passed anywhere.  Only laws can be enforced.  Mandates are not law.  They are suggestions.  There is no known mechanism for enforcing suggestions.  If those existed a year ago, they don’t now.  


Question please: 57 jurisdictions in the US alone, and yet not one legislature in any of those places passed either a mask law or a lockdown law, not one.  Why?


>… Americans appear to be particularly challenged with respect to following public health guidance…


Now more than ever.  We were reluctant to give governors temporary authority before, but went along with it.  These governments collectively blew it.  The government authorities don’t know what they are doing any more than individuals do.  Now we don’t want their silly mandates, which don’t really help.  We were skeptical before, but now we are downright cynical.


Take note of this comment from the article:


Some scientists who thought that a new Covid wave remained possible were afraid to contradict the message coming from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Modi has a record of stifling dissent…


Ja!  Governments don’t know what they are doing.  Staying healthy is about personal hygiene, common sense, best health practices, not government mandates.


>…A NY Times piece today suggests lifting lockdown in India prematurely led to their current surge. My guess is that there are so many variables at play, that it will be hard to discern causality in India’s case or anywhere else…


That is one school of thought.  It seems perfectly clear to me that the MIT study and others have found that spread of virus (any virus) is about the amount of time spent indoors with infected people.  Lockdowns may increase that.


The article mentions this.  A better suggestion (or mandate if you prefer that term) is to spend as much time outdoors as possible, certainly if any member of your household is infected.  If you live in any multistory apartment or condo, sheesh, take the stairs.  It should be perfectly clear by now that if any infected person gets on an elevator, everyone on there has been exposed, good luck.




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