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> Do any of the cryo operators invite members to say, for example, "Don't
> revive me until you can do it in my original flesh (because anything
> else is creepy)" versus "Revive me by whichever method becomes available
> first with a reasonable quality of life"?  What other checkboxes would
> you want to see?
> Heh, if you're revived in what seems like your original body, how will
> you know it's not a simulation?

I would expect a staged process to acclimate to how the world is working by
the time relife is possible.   I anticipate humanity becomes a federated
hive mind.  How me_v2 learns the etiquette and social protocol of that
world is probably an analog of consciousness coalescing is around a
newborn/baby now.  Surely there will be some parental or mentor analog.

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