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>…Keep in mind that the wealthy elites of America long before this pandemic even got started, were hiring specialty construction companies to create multi-million dollar custom build underground facilities … John


Of America?  Why only America?  And why only wealthy elites?  It wouldn’t cost all that much to cache survival supplies for a coupla years methinks.  It would take determination for sure, but consider how many ordinary proles we see whirring around town in Teslas costing in the upper end of the 5 digit range, some in the 6 digits, when any used 4 digit dinosaur burner would do the same job (granted with less… elegance.)  There is money around for doing things like this should one decide it is the thing to do.


It wouldn’t even necessarily be underground: that runs up cost.  It would only need to be defensible.  The underground notion is a holdover from the days when we were thinking nuclear blast.  But now it might be the risk of that is subsiding.


On this forum we have discussed the notion of an off-planet lifeboat so that humans could again populate the planet in a catastrophe, but it appears to me individual lifeboats could be assembled down here in the dirty now and now.  Regardless of the virus, it is conceivable that a small minority of humans could survive to repopulate the place.






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