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The county where I live offers data on covid fatalities broken down by
nursing home (green) and non-nursing home (blue.)


The nursing home fatalities started a few weeks after the non-homers and the
two cumulative numbers tracked for most of the duration.  On 14 December,
they were equal at 282 each (the county population is a bit over 2 million.)


Looking at today's numbers, since parity was reached on 14 December, and
even for the coupla weeks before that, the nursing home fatalities have
become a very dominant majority.  Last week we had 34 homers die vs 20


I track this for a reason, not just because I have friends who live in those
facilities or anticipate doing so in the foreseeable.  That's part of it of
course.  It also goes towards my continued efforts in understanding the
conditions in which this virus spreads.  My advice hasn't changed, for my
elderly friends anticipating the move: hold for now if that is an option.
If you can afford to pay a prole to come in and fix your meals, do that
instead.  The vaccine is here and we are told that it works.  Hold back for
about 6 more months if you can.





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